jueves, 26 de febrero de 2009


Griefshire is the third album by the gothic metal band Elis. It's their first concept album, and the last before Sabine Dünser's death. Because Sabine Dünser was the creator of the concept of Griefshire and the main songwriter of the songs on it, the other members decided, after her death, to release Griefshire in her memory.


01. Tales from Heaven or Hell
02. Die Stadt
03. Show me the Way
04. Brothers
05. Seit dem Anbeginn der Zeit
06. Remember the Promise
07. Phoenix from the Ashes
08. How Long (other Version on Digipack)
09. Innocent Hearts
10. Forgotten Love
11. The Burning
12. A new Decade
13. Heaven and Hell (Bonus on Digipack)


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