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Este single fue lanzado el 2 de Noviembre de 2007, tambien se incorpora a la banda una nueva vocalista llamada Sandra Schleret, un muy buen single.

"Show Me The Way" is the 2007 single of the Gothic metal band Elis, considered the "last chapter" from their third album Griefshire. It was released on November 2, 2007 (Europe) and on November 6, 2007 (U.S.) by Napalm Records. It includes two re-recordings of the song Show Me The Way featuring the band's new female vocalist Sandra Schleret, and three non-album tracks from the Griefshire album


01. Show me the way (Single Version / vocals S. Schleret)
02. Salvation
03. These days are gone
04. In einem verlassenen Zimmer
05. Show me the way (Regular Version / vocals S. Schleret)


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