miércoles, 29 de abril de 2009


HolyHell is a power metal band, formed in 2005, who are being produced by Joey DeMaio of Manowar. The band has delayed the release of their debut album, choosing instead to tour with Manowar and Rhapsody of Fire. In concert, they play a cover of "The Phantom of the Opera" with Eric Adams (Manowar) and Maria Breon on vocals.

The band have since performed at Magic Circle Festival 2007, toured in Bulgaria and most recently appeared at Magic Circle festival 2008 performing their usual set as well as 2 songs from their as of yet unreleased debut album and a cover of Dio's classic song "Holy Diver"


1. Apocalypse 04:07
2. Resurrection 06:30
3. Phantom of the Opera (Live) 06:17
4. Last Vision 08:16


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